21 May 2019
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Державна пенітенціарна служба України

EU and the State Penitentiary Service (SPS) of Ukraine - preliminary discussion of place SPS of Ukraine in the draft Strategy Justice Sector Reform

February 6, 2015 representatives of the SPS of Ukraine held a working meeting with experts of the EU "Support to Justice Sector Reform in Ukraine" for discussion place of SPS of Ukraine in developed by European and national expert document - the new Strategy justice sector reform.

During the meeting Mr. Vitkauskas informed the Ukrainian side about the short time available in February 2015 to complete the drafting of the new Strategy Justice Sector Reform.

"This document will be discussed by the Board on Judicial Reform, established by Presidential Decree Ukraine from 16.10.2014 № 812, and soon will be presented to the President of Ukraine," - said Mr. Vitkauskas.

He also said that the European side is ready for making additional amendments to its content, based on the needs of SPS of Ukraine for the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of Execution of Sentences. Particular attention will be focused on issues of future probation service in Ukraine.

Representatives of SPS of Ukraine informed experts about results already preparatored work for the creation in Ukraine organizational and legal preconditions of probation service, which resulted in the adoption of the Ukraine February 5, 2015 the Law of Ukraine "On probation". http://www.kvs.gov.ua/peniten/control/main/en/publish/article/765329

Representatives of SPS of provided information about the list of needs for further development of Penitentiary Service in Ukraine based on its issues and prospects of their solution. The EU side expressed its desire to promote inter-agency cooperation SPS of Ukraine through the conclusion of appropriate agreements with penitentiary and probation service of foreign countries.

Summing up the meeting, the participants agreed previously during the second decade of February jointly prepare realistic propositions that may enter to the draft of the new Strategy Justice Sector Reform, including the creation of probation service in Ukraine.

Vlad Klysha, Adviser of the SPS Head
+ 044 207 34 36, org@kvs.gov.ua

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