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Державна пенітенціарна служба України

Adult Education - the Memorandum on cooperation with the German NGO "German association of People universities "DVV International is signed

February 25, 2015 Head of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine Volodymyr Palahniuk and Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Pavlo Polyansky signed a memorandum of cooperation with the German NGO "German association of people's university" DVV International.

The mentioned document envisages an agreed cooperation in educational field of convicts, released persons from serving punishment and personnel bodies and agencies that under authority of the State Penitentiary Service Ukraine.

German NGO "German association of people's universities" DVV International was presented Regional Director - Anita Jacobson.

During the meeting, participants discussed the readiness for strengthen of state capacity and NGO sectors in education of prisoners and those citizens who are released from prison.

Expressing the gratitude, Ms. Jacobson said that the signing of the memorandum of cooperation provides establish background for more attracting resources of federal agencies in Germany to improve the quality of life through the development of adult education in Ukraine.

"With the adoption in February 2015 of the Law of Ukraine "On probation," we have to focus our efforts on issues of educational services for future subjects of probation service. At the same time with the joint efforts we will promote the creation of conditions to attract donor organizations for development of this area," - said Ms. Jacobson.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Pavlo Polyansky informed participants: "We are all realizing that we start important thing, even with limited resources - to develop adult education. But, the Constitution of Ukraine does not restrict obtaining citizens of our state of secondary education age limits... People often are taken to places of detention because of different reasons, for example not enough educated or uncivilized. Nevertheless, we can influence on their world outlook through the education, it can be a chance for them. On the other hand, how they will use this chance - we do not know. At the same time we create conditions and provide the opportunity through the education to bring benefits to citizens of Ukraine for themselves, for society, for the state. "

On the ending of meeting the Head of the State Penitentiary Service Volodymyr Palagniuk noted that desire of non-governmental sector to assist in promoting adult education and public awareness of the problems in this area is an important progressive feature of citizens.

"Penitentiary Service is in limited budgets. But it’s a reason to do nothing. Especially it concerns of our "little" citizens, they should not be reserve of "criminal world" in the future. These causes can be minimized through the education of adults and minors, engaging in this process the non-governmental sector. This work can be organized in probation service, organizational and legal principles determined in the Law of Ukraine "On probation", signed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko February 24, 2015, "- said the Head of penitentiary department.

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