22 August 2019
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Державна пенітенціарна служба України

Norway and State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine – dialogue has started on supporting initiatives for Probation introduction in Ukraine

On March 3, 2016 the working meeting was held with Norwegian Government Delegation to discuss needs of Ukraine in the sphere of criminal justice reform particularly Probation introduction in Ukraine.

The event was performed at State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine premises with participation the Head of Service Mr. Volodymyr Palahniuk and First Deputy Head Mr. Petro Leikovskyi with Ukrainian party. Norwegian Government Delegation headed by Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security Ms. Tonje Meinich including representatives of court (judicial) corps, police, probation and Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Ukraine.

Purpose of the meeting was to define the real needs of Ukraine to carry out reforms in the criminal justice system covering issues from a moment of offender`s detention, bringing a case to court and making a sentence with participation of prosecutor office, police, lawyers, probation officers and penitentiary staff including adjoining subjects of criminal justice legal affairs.

The Norwegian party expressed readiness to cooperate with Ukrainian party through provision expert support and other necessary assistance to perform functions in the criminal justice reforms system, particularly probation. Moreover, readiness was expressed to promote establishment of Probation Service Model Office according to Norwegian standards and to cooperation between educational institutions in Norway and Ukraine to be in charge of training staff probation Cooperation mentioned above may be carried out both at central and regional levels.

At the end of event participants of the meeting agreed of the necessity to establish and maintain the constant dialogue of discussed issues and making propositions that could be taken into consideration by the Norwegian Government Delegation while planning the work for cooperation with Ukrainian party in future.

The beginning of Norwegian activity in Ukraine shall be establishing on April 2016 the constantly acting mission under the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Ukraine with participation of at least two experts of Norwegian criminal justice system under patronage of Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Head of European and International Cooperation Issues Section Ms. Tonje Meinich.

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http://kvs.gov.ua/zmi/2015.02.05_Act_of_Law_of_Ukraine (press to download)
http://kvs.gov.ua/zmi/2016.03.01_Needs_on_Probation_Tabled_Eng_Ukr (press to download)
http://kvs.gov.ua/zmi/2016.03.01_Probat Office Needs_to_be_SetUnder Tech Supprt Eng Ukr (press to download)

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