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Державна пенітенціарна служба України

EU and SPS of Ukraine – started work with issues of probation service in the framework of European Union "Support to Justice Sector Reform" Project

February 17, 2015 representatives of the SPS of Ukraine and Ministry of Justice of Ukraine held a working meeting with experts of EU "Support to Justice Sector Reform" Project for discussing directions of collaboration on probation.

European delegation was presented by Key expert of Project Mr. Michel Gerber, National expert Ms. Irina Zharonkina and David Perry - Consultant EU and the Council of Europe on reforming the judicial system (on probation and penitentiary), former Deputy Director of theNational Probation Service for England and Wales. This event was held in premises of the SPS of Ukraine.

During the meeting were discussed four blocks of issues about probation service, which are planned to be covered under the European Union Project "Support for Justice Reforms in Ukraine".

“These issues have to predict collaboration on elaboration of vision on probation service in Ukraine and develop appropriate Concept in this subject. Very important is stuffing requirements of probation service, what influence will be for effectiveness of agency. It means that it is important to identify a set of personal and professional qualities and in future develop training programs for the staff. Serious work is supposed to do on preparation and implementation of pre-trial reports and the development of probation service training programs" - said the Head of the Criminal Executive Inspection Office of SPS Oleg Yanchuk.

In continuation words of Oleg Yanchuk Mr. David Perry focused the attention of participants on the necessity to prepare the Concept on implementation and development of probation service in Ukraine, in which will be substantiated benefits of probation service by its positive influence on improving the safety of society.

"We made investigation: in case of decreasing relapse on five percent at least 1 million citizens will not suffer from crime. Centenary experience of probation service in Great Britain allows assert that we have moved away from imprisonment to alternative measures, not because we want to be "kind", but because we want to make society safer. This is achieved through the intensive work with clients of probation service with the participation of local communities and as a result reduces the risk of re-offending" - said Mr. Perry.

At the ending of the meeting the of Head of the Advisors Unit, Bureau of the Head of SPS of Ukraine - Serghii Samara informed the guests about positive position of Head of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine - Volodymyr Palahniuk in necessity to continuing and development of probation service in our young country. "It means that process of working on this direction will be stable and active participation of penitentiary leadership will be guarantee of excellent success", - noted Mr. Samara.



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